About me.
About me.
About me.

I'm a freelance web designer. I create modern and elegant websites using no-code tools like Framer, Webflow and Wix to help businesses achieve their goals. Few years ago I started learning web design from YouTube. I invested both time and money learning different modern web design tools which helped me today to choose web design as a career. Now, I design websites for my living.

Inspired by creative ideas.

No-code tools empowers me to transform my creative ideas into stunning designs on a blank canvas.

Creativity & Inspiration

Creative inspiration is the life blood of my design business, and I do everything I can to make sure it never runs out.

Passion & Devotion

Passion is a big part of what drives me, but devotion gives me the strength to keep going.

Elegant & Minimal

Elegant and minimal designs are sustainable. Minimalism is my true religion.


I have 5+ years of design and marketing experience. Over the years I have collaborated on numerous projects spanning various industries.. I keep updating my skills with latest tools and technique.

  • 3+

    Years of design experience

  • 5+

    Years of marketing experience

  • 11+

    Projects completed.

  • Infinite creative ideas


By keeping customer's identity in mind I offer best possible solution for your business. My design and marketing services plan are tailor made thats suits your need when you're on tight budget.

My working process.

How I work?


Project request

Your make a project request. This makes me understand your requirements better. Based on my understanding I have to decide whether I am suitable for your project or not. If yes, then I need to arrange a call to go through your requirements as well as know your business.


Project discussion

Trust building is most important aspects of my process. After understanding your project requirements I need to meet you in person or at least have a web meeting to better know each other. So, that I should know for whom I am going to work and you should also know who is going to work on your project. This is the phase when project kick off happens.


Project proposal

Since we both know each other at this stage. This is the stage when I should start working on the project proposal. You can expect the proposal very next day after the step 2 is complete. We can have a discussion around my proposal and freeze it. All my charges are project base not based on number of hours.


Project execution

Once the proposal is freezed and I have received all the required materials from you, actual project execution starts. I make sure that whatever timeline is shared in the proposal should be completely inline with my deliverables. To maintain complete transparency and have proper communication channel I use Trello. This helps us in creating a smooth execution process.


Project launch

Once project is complete and throughly tested, a beta url is shared with you for your review. After your approval final hosting process takes place.


Project training

My job is not done when your site is launched. I make sure that you're comfortable enough to manage your site on your own when I am not there. I train you how to manage your site. One week in person training is always there with my contracts.


Which company do you work with?

I work with technology-driven startups, SMEs, and e-commerce brands. What matters to me are the people and their vision behind the company.

How much do you charge?

My minimum charge is $500. However, it all depends on the design and number of pages of the project. Let's discuss and get a customized quote for your project.

Do you prefer to work onsite?

Depends on the client location. If there is extensive travel I would rather prefer to work at my place and share the work progress regularly.

Template based or complete customization?

I work both way. However, I would rather prefer to design completely from scratch which gives me more freedom on my creativity.

What is your payment terms?

70% upfront you have to pay after signing the contract and 30% after the project launch. One week free training is also included in this.

How difficult is to manage site on our own?

Your site will be build using content management system which is easy to manage and update. I do provide training as well after work completion.

Like what you see

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